23rd Oct 17′

20:26 I’ve just left the wife’s, she was upset and struggling because of daughters mood swings. It hasn’t really affected my mood but I should state that I actually hold alot of contempt towards daughter. I blame her for the family splitting up, for me not being able to live with my son. For my worsening mental health and for nearly killing me by depriving me of sleep over months and months. Not to mention the bad influence she is having on my son and that she is everyday ruining my wifes happiness. Essentially we are all living pretty miserable lives and she is in control of that. My wife is in an impossible situation because it’s her daughter, and I’m in one because my son is involved. I love my wife and I’m being forced away from her.


Author: mentalhealthdiary.com

Just a stranger writing about their life as a mental illness sufferer. I hope you can relate to the content on my site :)

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