22nd Nov 17′

20:21 Buzzing. Tea is nearly ready and I’m starving. Listening to music, singing and dancing. This is way to enjoy a night! Woo

19:28  I think I should have contacted my crisis team before this point

19:26  Well tonight hasn’t gone well. I’ve fallen out with my family. Sleeping alone tonight. Self harm, self loathing. It’s not a life worth living

19:22 I’ve cut myself. I had to stop the build up of pressure. I’ve felt a release. I know this isn’t an effective coping strategy but what the hell am I supposed to do when I feel like this

19:17 I’m angry at my care. They make me say stuff I don’t mean and come to conclusions I don’t agree with. I don’t need anybody anymore fuck the lot of them. What an absolute farce life is

18:51 I can’t calm down. I’m boiling, stiff. My head is throbbing especially across the forehead and back of head. See I normally turn anger and rage inwards and I can feel it overflowing outwards now

18:49 Seething with rage. Daughter has been so disrespectful. My blood feels like it has been lit on fire. I have to leave the house as soon as possible before I explode.

18:00 Felt anxious most of the day. I’ve been pulling my beard out and eating it. Now my face is all sore and patchy. Not a productive day at all, I’ve procrastinated most of it. It’s times like this I wish I was living alone in the woods in a log cabin. I’ve come home from work and I can’t deal with my kids kicking off, it stresses me out and makes me feel sick in my stomach

Author: mentalhealthdiary.com

Just a stranger writing about their life as a mental illness sufferer. I hope you can relate to the content on my site :)

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