4th Dec 17′

15:50 Wow I am hungover. I went a bit too wild last night, too much drink. So I suppose you could say that I am to blame for this come down and you’d be right. I don’t feel terrible I suppose but as I am sat here I think – is my life this much of a mess? Obviously I know it is ha!

I feel like I want to quit my job and completely change my life, go live in the wild somewhere like Norway. Peaceful and tranquil away from people and ‘things’ that make life difficult. I would have a log cabin, roaring open fire, food I had caught myself and a big bubbling broth over the fire. Life would be hard but easy, stressful but stress-free.

Imagine it…

Norway Log Cabin

Author: mentalhealthdiary.com

Just a stranger writing about their life as a mental illness sufferer. I hope you can relate to the content on my site :)

2 thoughts on “4th Dec 17′”

  1. I dunno man, I am here tipsy on wine and thinking I could not live without hot showers. I get it though, what if stress was about our own survival, not about a company, a client, the environment, other people? Sounds great! That hot shower costs me, yeah, but I like it. And my videogames. Or maybe I would not need my videogames if all my stress was “real”? Never real, always true… We may never know, but hey, if my pills weren’t way cheaper than wine, I would totally abuse wine. Thank you health plan my liver likes you.

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    1. Ha, in a normal state of mind I’d completely agree. I only think like that as a defence when my stress levels are too high. When things feel overwhelming the idea of being able to leave everything and have no responsibility but myself is a welcome one! I guess it’s an avoidance strategy rather than dealing/coping with things head on – I’d run away. On the video games front, I use those massively for escapism. I don’t know how I would get through days/weeks without them to distract me.

      Yeah, wine isn’t too cheap unfortunately 😂 or fortunately depends how you look at it. I desperately need some kind of detox/health plan as my antics of late have made me feel 30 years older!

      Hope you’re still have good days.


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