9th Dec 17′ – So Angry I Could Explode

20:18 Things had been going great until this evening. First I’ll explain the situation:

My little boy (2.5 years old) has chicken pox, really isn’t well and very unsettled. I was driving home with him in the back and we pulled up near home and started reversing into a space. A young lad flew up behind me and drove into the space, jumped out the car and went to the cash machine – absolutely knew I was going in there because I beeped at him. So naturally, I was angry. But I had my son in the back who was crying, probably wondering why we were just sat there waiting for this inconsiderate arsehole to move. He comes back to his car, drives past and this is where he and his female passenger stick their fingers up at me. I mean fuck me. Come on, you’ve been an absolute bell end stealing my space and now you’re going to swear at me? That’s the situation. Let the rage flow below.

Mental Health Diary - Anger Issues

I swear to fucking god (I’m not even religious) if I see that little wham boy and his lass again I’ll snap her fucking fingers off and poke them through his eyes. Who the fuck do they think they are? Taking the piss out of people, swanning around like they own the place. If my boy hadn’t been in the back of my car I wouldn’t have thought twice about driving over his head and eating his corpse. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. And now I am relentlessly trawling through Facebook to see if I can recognise him.

I obviously need to calm down. I’m not normally an angry person. There’s also a moral to this story – don’t be a dick to people for no reason, because you don’t know if that person has a personality disorder and will hunt you down with a hammer. Thank your lucky stars I stayed in my car.

See the shit thing is as well, this anger rarely is projected outwards, it goes inwards. So now I’m just bubbling with rage inside with no outlet. How do I get rid of this rage?!

Author: mentalhealthdiary.com

Just a stranger writing about their life as a mental illness sufferer. I hope you can relate to the content on my site :)

7 thoughts on “9th Dec 17′ – So Angry I Could Explode”

  1. Have you ever seen the movie ‘fried green tomatoes’? This reminds me of that … but that lady rammed the bumper of the twats that stole her park 6 times!!! You could feel the rage and the relief ! It was a beautiful thing 🙂

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      1. I find some movies relieving (yes, I have a playlist of them lol) and they’re my go-to for certain occasions 😉
        Fair enough Not to do the ramming with a child in the car 😉

        Over-reacting?? Hell No!!
        I have a long winded theory about anger and rage and women not being able to engage in it … and being told we’re over reacting when we’re entitled to be whatever we dam well please ❤

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  2. I had a similar feeling one time, an apartment I lived on got broken into, all we had was a car description and how many people it was. So next day I was very watchful to find that car, and planned to ram into it as a way to force the police to show up on their asses. I felt it so clear and sure, it was scary. After a couple of days I cooled off.

    You took the right decision and stood by your kid. One of the biggest things about being a kid that I remember is just how terrifying it is. So powerless with half of the world making no sense.

    While I’d love to react to certain situations, while living in the midwest of US, there is a big chance the person will have a gun, so I keep it to myself. Thankfully there is less cat-calling here then in Brazil, I swear it was a daily occurrence in Brazil to be harassed, and one day I reacted and the guy was terrified, because how pissed off I got. Still, not a good risk for me to take, as a very small person. But yeah, like the other person said, feel your anger, women get enough of the “you are over-reacting” bullshit, don’t let it get to you also.

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    1. Oh no that’s awful. Did they find the people in the end?

      Thanks, yeah I realise now I did the right thing 🙂

      I’m thankful we generally don’t have the gun thing to worry about over here (UK), I’d certainly be scared to carry one incase I ever lost it (my temper not the gun ha). What your describing is putting my experience to shame here haha.

      Stay safe!


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