3rd Jan 18′ – I Collect Meds like an OAP Now.


Mood – Fine, productive busy day. 

I had a mad scramble to order my medication the other day. Not that that’s a unique occurrence, I run out every month, without fail. I think it’s because I feel like an absolute drug lord if I order them too early. I mean, why would I be ordering them early? What if I’m hoarding them and selling them? Or building up a stock pile for a suicide attempt? ….I shouldn’t have to have those intruding thoughts when it comes to ordering the medication that’s supposed to be helping me. Does anyone else feel guilty ordering their meds? I feel like I have to go after dark, sneaking up on the pharmacy like a smack head. Then I’m in there, and the staff are watching and talking. What are they talking about? Are they trying to guess what’s up with me based on my prescribed medication? 

So today I picked my meds up. Surely enough, I went after dark, slid through the doors, stared at the floor and waited. Then it arrived. OAP level medication, a Santa’s sack of pills. The bag was massive, I’d moved to the big drawers. It’s sad really but I try to make light of every situation. I decided to take this pill popping seriously the other month and invested in a pill box, it’s quite good actually. I now mostly remember to take the correct tablets at the correct times. 

Author: mentalhealthdiary.com

Just a stranger writing about their life as a mental illness sufferer. I hope you can relate to the content on my site :)

7 thoughts on “3rd Jan 18′ – I Collect Meds like an OAP Now.”

  1. Do not dare have a more fashionable pill box than me. It has AM and PM separated by pink and blue hues. It is carefully curated every Sunday evening, ready for next week. Or else I mess up and take the wrong stuff, yep.

    I make a mess when reordering also, I need to make it so I just go once, at the moment each bottle is a different day. One of the ladies at the counter now knows my name and only asks for my birth date, a bit embarrassing, but she is super nice. She keeps odd change to help people without change, so now I help her with the coin change bucket.

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    1. Oooh I’m sorry but mine has morning, mid-morning, afternoon & night 😮😮😮 (although that’s complete overkill and I only use am and pm). Haha it’s so easy to mess them up though.

      Aww that’s good. I have a pre-payment card so I just get direct debited tenner a month and that’s them all covered 🙂

      That’s lovely about the change


  2. My previous pharmacy got all judge-y on me when I started taking Dexedrine. Bad move, cuz they made a lot of money off of me before I decided they could go screw themselves.

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