17th Jan 18′ – Mood Has Been Great…Are The Med’s Working?!


Mood – Class

Hi. I’ve not been logging my entries here for a few days and it’s not for a bad reason. I’ve actually felt good!!! A side effect of me feeling good is I forget to write about my days. Anyway, I’ve been on Mirtazapine just over 1 month now so it has had a good while to unleash the full effects on me.

First couple of weeks was absolutely disgusting, I felt terrible, like a zombie. I didn’t feel awake, had dizziness and just zoned out for days. Lately though, I’ve felt OK throughout the day and on the evening. I still struggle on a morning which I think it quite common for people taking Mirtazapine. When my alarm goes off I roll out of bed onto the floor so I have no choice but to get up, still only a nuclear coffee wakes me up.

From today I am mixing it up a bit and taking my Lamotrigine and Mirtazapine earlier (8pm rather than 11/12pm). The hope is that this offsets some of the drowsiness I feel in the morning 🙂 I’ll write up on that when I see (or not) a change in how I feel on a morning.

Oh and I’m starting crossfit soon ha. My mate dragged me into it, doesn’t start until March but I thought I’d kick start some training today with some push ups….Nearly died from doing 17 (not all at once either!!!).


Author: mentalhealthdiary.com

Just a stranger writing about their life as a mental illness sufferer. I hope you can relate to the content on my site :)

6 thoughts on “17th Jan 18′ – Mood Has Been Great…Are The Med’s Working?!”

    1. my arms are still like jelly after a few push ups so I think crossfit might be the end of me.

      Thank you, my partner doesn’t seem to think so mind. They feel unloved and unwanted. It’s a toughie because I don’t actually feel any emotion like affection anymore, just numb.


      1. Sorry to hear you are on a numbness phase. It may be what you need to recover, to go through this to level out from the bad phase you were on before? I so not know your partner, but maybe explain you feel like you are on your way to recovery?

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