25th Mar – I’ve Noticed 1 Of The 5 Signs


Mood – not sure.

I’ve been alright for the most part lately but I’ve just recently deleted my Facebook account. Whilst at the time it seemed like a great idea I can’t help but feel I’m subconsciously taking steps to cut myself off from people, which I know is one the five warning signs to watch out for someones mental health. Please see the list below;

  • a change in personality
  • uncharacteristic anxiety, anger or moodiness
  • social withdrawal and isolation
  • lack of self care
  • hopelessness or feeling overwhelmed


13th Mar 18′ – Checking In


Mood – Meh

Just checking in as I realise it’s been a few days since I last posted. I’m finding it difficult to keep up with the diary because my mood has switched away from how it was when I created it. I was in a terrible place then and now I feel alright ( bit meh today, relationship troubles).

Hopefully get a proper entry done soon 🙂

2nd Mar 18′ – One to One Therapy Cut Back


Mood – Positive

Today I had what has been a biweekly one to one with my CPN. I have been feeling well these last few weeks though and I think my mood has shifted into a new ‘cycle’. So I requested that the one to ones change to once every 6 weeks, this feels like good progress for me!

I have another medication review sometime this month so it feels like I’m boxing things off nicely and I can get on living my life. I must be 13/14 sessions into my 30 week RO DBT so exciting times! I just really hope that this mood lasts a while, I’m not naive enough to think that I’m ‘cured’. It’s always on my mind that one day my mood will shift. One thing I have noticed over the years is that each episode is worse than the last, my last episode I tried to kill myself. This is a worry because if next time is worse…

Anyway, for now I am positive 🙂 things are going well and I feel good. I’ll hold onto this for as long as possible whilst building up coping strategies to combat mood changes when they rear their heads again!

Fuck you mood swings. Fuck you.