25th Mar – I’ve Noticed 1 Of The 5 Signs


Mood – not sure.

I’ve been alright for the most part lately but I’ve just recently deleted my Facebook account. Whilst at the time it seemed like a great idea I can’t help but feel I’m subconsciously taking steps to cut myself off from people, which I know is one the five warning signs to watch out for someones mental health. Please see the list below;

  • a change in personality
  • uncharacteristic anxiety, anger or moodiness
  • social withdrawal and isolation
  • lack of self care
  • hopelessness or feeling overwhelmed


Author: mentalhealthdiary.com

Just a stranger writing about their life as a mental illness sufferer. I hope you can relate to the content on my site :)

11 thoughts on “25th Mar – I’ve Noticed 1 Of The 5 Signs”

    1. Thank you 🙂 it’s comforting to know I’m not alone there. I just hope this isn’t the start of that seemingly never ending fall. I’ve actually reactivated it in an attempt to push myself back into socialising.

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  1. I deleted my Facebook account about a week before that whole incident about data. The reasoning being not that I wanted to be alone, but because it made me feel alone. People’s sharing of information in there felt very shallow and unpersonal. Something important would happen to a friend, instead of texting and calling to talk, they’d post a status update to let everyone know. Well I did not read Facebook daily, so I’d miss such things while people assumed I had “read the memo” by then. It just started feeling absurd, like transforming personal life into an office, where everything is filtered enough to be able to be said in public, to look presentable, etc. A giant awkward group message where instead of talking people just click a reaction button. End of the story: I deleted Facebook because I actually miss my friends and family and feel tired of their internet personas. The transition may be lonely, but I hope I am able to get a few to actually get back into talking to ME and not Facebook.

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    1. See that makes absolute sense. How are you finding it so far?

      I’ve not had the FB app on my phone for a good few months now so I don’t actively log on, it just felt like deleting was a step too far. Like I was burning a bridge between myself and society – I know you can just as easy set another profile up but then that means adding people again which psychologically feels like a bit of a barrier to me.

      All that said, I’m with you on the feeling alone thing which is why I don’t go on it. I was sick of seeing all the perfect lives people were portraying (I understand a lot of it is just image). As you rightly say, nearly all interaction had shifted to this platform and away from more personal methods.

      Be interested to know how you get on over time without it 🙂


      1. My birthday was this month. Getting good wishes despite not being of Facebook felt quite special. People who actually fucking knew, remembered and cared! Yes, it was much less than the dozens I would have gotten in FB, but they meant much more. Another thing is that I do make an effort to reach out and ask people how life is going, start conversations when I think of them. Send them a picture of something I see one day and makes me think of them. Important to remember it is more effort than Facebook, but it is worth It because the conversations are actually one on one again.

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      2. Yeah I like that 🙂 sounds like you have it cracked mate. I’m a proper useless friend though and never remember to message people…that’s not that I don’t care by the way, just I’d fade away into obscurity if allowed.


  2. I deleted my facebook app and snapchat app and I have to say I feel a lot better especially without snapchat! I don’t know what it was but I found myself becoming obsessed with constantly snap chatting people to show them how “great” my life was I never actually took any of it in but now I am a lot less stressed about having the perfect life

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    1. Exactly this mate! Glad you feel better without them – I do too. I actually tried to delete my entire Facebook account the other week but realised it messes up so many other logins with which I use Facebook to log in. It’s like they deep claws stuck into all aspects of your life.


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