About mentalhealthdiary.com

This site is: 

  • For those who are or know somebody affected by mental illness
  • For those interested in keeping a mood/mental health diary
  • For the nosy that want to see my mental health diary
  • For geeks that like info/stats on mental health

My name is a mystery because if I ‘came out’ so to speak, the stigma around my mental illness would unleash a torrent of a thousand Zeus dicks onto my life. I’m sorry but I just do not have the lube for that.

A Thousand Zeus Dicks - Mental Health Diary
Zeus’ actual reaction if I revealed my identity.

My diagnosis is Mixed Personality Disorder which sounds Alfred Hitchcock level cool but it’s actually pretty shit. I can’t remember a week going by where I haven’t had crushing suicidal thoughts or a sense of God-like powers. My mood fluctuates up and down faster than shit off a shovel.

I’ve got 1 friend, and do not speak to most of my family. I can’t work out if this is because of my social seclusion or excessive use of memes. Either way, your my friend now. 4eva. IDST.

Hey It's Time For That Family Meal - Mental Health Diary
Real Photo Of Me


The site is updated daily and use it as a mood tracker which I share with my mental health support team.

Currently I am enrolled in RO DBT (wait for it…Radically open dialectical behavioural therapy). By sharing my own diary online this is me embracing the radical openness (my therapist might claim my anonymity kind of cancels out the openness but at least it’s radical right?). Anyway, I hope you find this site useful. Feel free to get in touch if you want a chat.