Symptoms of Anxiety

Physical sensations:

• nausea (feeling sick)
• tense muscles and headaches
• pins and needles
• feeling light headed or dizzy
• faster breathing
• sweating or hot flushes
• a fast, thumping or irregular
heart beat
• raised blood pressure
• difficulty sleeping
• needing the toilet more
frequently, or less frequently
• churning in the pit of your stomach
• you might experience a panic

Psychological symptoms:

• feeling tense, nervous and on edge
• having a sense of dread, or fearing
the worst
• feeling like the world is speeding
up or slowing down
• feeling like other people can see
you’re anxious and are looking
at you
• feeling your mind is really busy
with thoughts
• dwelling on negative experiences,
or thinking over a situation again
and again (this is called rumination)
• feeling restless and not being
able to concentrate
• feeling numb