Mood Swing Timeline

In relation to my Mood Swings page, below I will be logging a rough timeline of when I enter and leave certain mood phase. For obvious reasons I won’t be logging the hourly/daily mood swings! They will mostly be rough estimates because often I do not realise when I enter a particular mood until I’ve been there a bit! To keep it simple I will only use 3 mood phases : Depression, Normal and High (I know they’re common terms in Bipolar Disorder but I’ve grown up with my sister who is diagnosed Bipolar so it’s the terminology I’m used to when describing my moods).

Normal – End of May – Present

Depression – Mid May – End of May 18′

Normal – Mar – Mid May 18′

Depression – 20th Feb – End Mar 18′

Normal – Early Feb – 20th Feb 18′

Depression – 1st Jan 18′ – End of Jan 18′

High – 31st Dec 17′ to .. 31st Dec 17′

Normal – Early Dec 17′ to 31st Dec 17′

Depression – Late Sept 17′ to Early Dec 17′ (approximately 3 months).

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