14th Jan 18′ – Mental Health And Gaming


Mood – Great, excited and content.

Today I stumbled across this Ted Talk. Not only is it filled with class facts on worldwide gaming but it touches on a very important topic – Gaming And Mental Health. Please watch 🙂 :

Hopefully you watched that. What d’ya think? I was amazed at the scale of those stats – hours put in, the amount of lore in WOW. Epic. I can relate to this video because I use gaming to escape ‘real’ life. I have told my therapist that I spend hours gaming and when I game I am happy. She’d brushed it off as a bit ridiculous, a waste of time and I should be out there forming ‘actual’ social bonds with other people. Bullshit. I don’t care if it sounds sad as fuck but my online friendships are better than my offline ones. I think the biggest thing for me is they are not emotionally overwhelming. Offline friendships require you physically meeting said person and doing stuff – which can be fine – but it can also trigger anxiety. The pressure of knowing you have to go outside and meet. That commitment, if you don’t do it they’ll call you out. Confront you and you could lose that relationship. Online…Simple and easy, you just enjoy that friendship. Don’t feel like speaking one day? Fine, you have no commitment to be meeting up to maintain that relationship. And if things did take a bad turn and you fall out? Just don’t speak to them anymore…It’s not awkward. You’re not (likely) just going bump into your online friend on the street.

Online friends are like….Friend with no strings attached. Proper friends with benefits.

Anyway, I am feeling happy today. This Ted Talk has stoked my gaming passion. I am currently playing Rimworld but seriously considering starting up a World Of Warcraft account. Yep I know it’s old and there are loads of other MMORPG’s out there but I still feel there is a lot to get out of the experience playing it. I’ve never actually played it before so everything will be fresh to me, albeit a little daunting but I love a challenge. And I live for the grind!

If anyone reading this play’s WOW or fancies starting it let me know and we can maybe journey together!