Why The Live Diary

Some might wonder why such a personal thing would be put online (It’s that personal that my partner/friend/family have never seen it). Well, I feel it’s part of my recovery. I show this to my mental support staff and it has a number of benefits – judge for yourself how these may be useful:

  • It gives a snapshot of what has happened over a course of time and how my mood has shifted up and down.
  • It can map certain behaviours and open up the opportunity to identify triggers. What sets me off, what helps etc.
  • I can look at trends over time – really helpful to see if negative behaviour is increasing/decreasing over time, basically – am I getting better, staying the same or getting worse!
  • It helps for diagnosis, because the live diary is filled out in real time (nearly all the time) it’s a clear picture of what I am doing and how I am feeling at that time. So certain symptoms should be clear, these can then be investigated by a professional & any significance can help towards the most accurate diagnosis.
  • History – when I get better this site will forever be enshrined on the internet. I can look back at my story and see exactly where I have journeyed from.

Feel free to let me know why you keep a mental health diary, or hopefully you might be inspired to start your own (it certainly doesn’t need to be out in the public like this one).